Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm due to post something

Things have been busy in the past 3 weeks since I've last blogged- there has been lots on my mind, lots to write about.

Just settling down and doing something to actually create more with my computer rather than just reading blogs is a bit of a challenge.

Main news:

1. I'm caught up on the US version of "the office" - Marsha & I are big fans, and we'd really like to start seeing more of season 4. It is too bad that NBC has decided to be super lame & pull-out from iTunes. While I don't really have an agenda against, I don't want to support their DRM-laden windows-only download service. Too bad.

2. Beowulf 3d. Wow. Worth it. The story was on the light side, but managed to compel a bit of thought. Fairly good at modernizing the story without making it too full of ironic jokes.

3. TV Writer's strike. Really, it's amazing that the media companies aren't even trying to be liked. Just one greedy move after another as their distribution model becomes obsolete. Any good reason that writers don't deserve to be compensated & benefit a little more from the hyper-long copyrights that these monoliths have endlessly lobbied for? Lame.

4. OS X Leopard. Woot. Kind of unnecessary but pretty nice. Reinstalling got a ton of crap out of my system, so now I have a roomy 23 gigs of free space. (Tiny hard drive to begin with).

5. Vista - I'm using it at work and although it's fun to bitch about, it works pretty fine for what I need it for. I feel no rush to actually upgrade at home, however (since that pretty much will require a massive hardware upgrade that I don't need yet).

6. Ubuntu 7.10 - I've played with it and it seems pretty good, but I don't really have a reason to use it very much when I'm at home.

7. Rock - I need to start doing more musically. Did some messing around with making songs & beats on garageband and Ableton Live, but that's not moving very quickly.

8. Writing - Have been doing okay and the story is progressing, but erratic sleep & post-work activity last week got me a bit off-routine. Will re-establish it this week.

9. Thanksgiving - Should be fun - looking forward to it!

10. Upcoming travel - it's fun exploring new parts of the city & area out here. Everything's new. (On the other hand, in suburbia, everything is pretty much the same)


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Roger said...

Leopard looks so pretty...

and vista, well, i have a rather harsh view on that os. I'd rather use xp.