Wednesday, April 25, 2007


5 word simple emails from colleagues with basic requests to the in English? Yeah right.

Seemingly total lack of reading comprehension (but that never came out in the interview); seemingly no ability to search google on a project.

Just a sampling of management frustrations in China. I needed to vent.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

need to do some spring cleaning

Although spring seems to have already fallen by the wayside in favor of Shenzhen's hot and humid summer weather (and consequently requiring a lot of A/C usage), I still am needing to do some spring cleaning - especially on my "venerable" PC.

I've got two hard drives (80 gigs and 120 gigs, respectively) divided into a host of partitions to accomodate the jumble of OS's I have running and the files shared amongst them.

I'm primarily using Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.04. I did install Vista to play around with it, and although it seems to be running fine, I'm really not doing much with it at all.

Anyway, here's my issue: My "C" partition, with Windows XP on it, is only 10 gigs. I have tried extensively not to put any programs on this partition. However, after doing Windows' automated cleanup and reorganizing my desktop, I'm still finding myself with only ~300 MB of free space on that partition.

I'm not really sure where all this bloat is coming from, especially as my email files and most of my program files are all installed elsewhere. Any suggestions on how to clean up some of the stuff on C?

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