Sunday, June 28, 2009

some movie redemption

Let the Right One In

Had heard about this one a while ago but never got the chance to see it. But glad I did - quite good.

Kind of a sweet love story. But certainly kept my attention. I liked the Swedish setting.

Apparently Hollywood will attempt a remake. I do not see why they feel the need to do this; aside for money. I doubt the remake would be as good.

punishment of self in movie form

After a very long, exhausting week, and some misadventures in an attempt at camping on Saturday, we ended up back home at 11pm, tired, dirty, smoky, and in need of a drink & a laugh.

So, decided to try out our netflix on-demand & see some comedies.

I should have known better with these titles, but part of me was holding out that these were un-noticed gems. I was wrong.

1. Almost heroes

Chris Farley & Matthew Perry star. Christopher (Spinal Tap & Best in Show) Guest directs. Sounds like it should be awesome on paper. Something seems to have gone awry. Each scene seemed to be a setup for some little gag, and sure enough, some super cliched and obvious joke comes in. And that's it, onto next scene. I gave it a full 10 minutes and then decided to move on.

2. Bob the Butler

Tom Green. Post 90's Tom Green. Again, I was hoping for something brilliant/inspired to happen...but after 20 minutes, I just saw Tom Green being awkward, Brooke Shields being a corporate bigwig that was really busy for some reason, and then some kids that were brats around other babysitters but yet got along with the misunderstood non-conformist laid-back Tom Green. Again, waited for something inspired (Freddie got Fingered style) to happen, but instead a lot of tired sight "gags".

We weren't laughing, so we went to bed.

Maybe will have better luck with something else.