Tuesday, August 14, 2007

1st day of new job...

So, my first day was spent doing paperwork formalities, meeting the
40+ people in the company in various departments, and then doing
random tasks in production - folding SATA hard drive cables, then
tightening screws on server racks, then cutting plastic off of server
handles, then attaching cables to new servers for "burn-in" (where the
OS is installed and the systems tested).

Today (tuesday) should be more of the same. I'll probably be doing
mostly production-related stuff this week, then next week will work a
few days in each of the other departments...should be fun too.

Company has people of all ages, but most are 25-35 in age. Very casual
dress (jeans & t-shirts are fine). Lots of men wear earrings. If I
wanted to dye my hair blue, it would not be a problem.

Everyone gets two monitors at their workstation (for extra efficiency;
& the actual desk space is limited).

Anyway, seems like it should be okay.

Gotta get ready for work now!

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