Monday, September 03, 2007

reflections after the labor day weekend...

It's been a full (yet relaxing) labor day weekend and I'm waxing reflective now prior to going to bed.

I was about to write this up in a notebook when I realized that I'd later probably be kicking myself for not putting it online (and thus further neglecting my blog).

On the other hand, I've had a lot of "screen time" with our computers and it is probably just as well to be pulling off of using a computer all the time during my free time...

(I use one a LOT during work).

3 major themes coming together this weekend:

1. Marsha is studying for the GMAT. No big surprise there, this has been a plan in the works for quite some time now. Good luck to her...the test is next weekend and she's got a lot to do to get ready.

2. Realized that I am using a computer for nearly all of my entertainment during my free time. I usually run mp3's through iTunes, which is hooked up to my stereo. I can watch youtube movies on my TV, and if I want to play games, I play them through my PC (which is hooked up to the TV).

- Have come to the realization that while being computer saavy is a good thing, excluding the contact of other people just to be online is probably not a good thing. (That seems like an obvious, common-sense's also the kind of thing that's easy to ignore since it seems innocent...

- Have also come to the realization that constantly checking RSS feeds (while probably a better alternative to watching cable TV) is still keeping me from actually creating things...writing a book, writing music, etc.

- Computer-based entertainment is pretty cheap compared to almost all of the other alternatives out there ( in my opinion; especially considering since I've already got the hardware investment) - as we're still re-establishing our selves; "starting out" all over again, cash is tight...

Just to confirm - Marsha and I did get out of the house every day this weekend; we went running & exploring on Saturday, and visited the Snoqualmie waterfall on Sunday. Monday (still today) we went to the gym and I explored a bit of Seattle - namely where Marsha will be taking the GMAT exam so I don't get lost while attempting to drive there.

3. It's weird (and yet so matter of fact not weird) reflecting that it's barely been over a month since we left China behind. I miss it, and my friends there. But life here is another kind of adventure, another new level of things to come. The funny thing about being in China was that there was no sense of real establishment (maybe since I was nearly always aware that I was a guest there); of course, the rapid change of pace in China may have contributed to that perception as well. Maybe the low cost of living helped create a false sense of security; everything is "funny money". Things feel more permanent here.

Well, I guess I should go to bed now.

Oh yeah - I certainly DO appreicate that the internet is unblocked here, blogspot and wikipedia and the rest of the web flow freely and quickly here; Linux updates are fast and efficient, as well as nearly any other type of web content. China's web could be very fast (for domestic stuff), but since I was more interested in content from the western world, the lag could be very frustrating.

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