Thursday, March 25, 2010

One's undoing

After having a greater quantity of KFC for dinner than can be
considered healthy, washed down with a few too many beers as part of a
balanced dinner, I gotta note that it's way easier to screw something
up rather than build/create something amazing.

1. Diets - can be crushed with a night or two of indulgence.
2. Relationships - can be broken with a few stray or thoughtless words.
3. Careers - a few moments of carelessness can set you back years.
4. Cars - a few inches the wrong way is thousands of dollars to fix.

Anyway, I suppose that the positive thing to note is that setbacks
caused by a few stray moments of stupidity are rarely as lasting as
they seem at first; if one does not give up then what was once
catastrophic can seem tame given enough time.

(Then again, if you hurt your car through your own carelessness or
stupidity, usually money is the only fix...)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

articles of interest on a lazy sunday

The future of video games & society, a futurist perspective - some good ideas here that should be considered in future sci-fi and in imagining what the world will be like in 10, 20+ years.

Ask Alessandro - Apparently some of the english language editors at the Global Times are “taking the piss” and putting this stuff up as a quasi-advice column. Not sure if this is a “planned” controversy or not. I don’t know how much longer such “advice” columns will exist as a feature, but the prankster in me sees this as something very awesome. The content could be offensive to some, but to me it’s satire and much, much more noteworthy in that it was even published.