Sunday, September 27, 2009

Travel notes from the road/plane - Should have been tweets but I have no mobile internet at present

Wi-fi is not proving to be very ubiquitious (yet), so I haven't posted much of the thoughts collected on the trip thus far.

So I'm doing a dump of everything now:

1. The experience on Korean Air puts my flights on Northwest/Delta last week to shame. Lots of wine, friendly service - makes me feel like I'm really on vacation!

2. The Korean air commercials of a lone male model visiting various spots in the US and posing, having amazing adventures is quite a bit cheessy...and it's the same commerical before EVERY movie that you pick.

3. On the other hand, it's very good that you can actually choose exactly what movie you'd like to watch, whenever you want to start watching it, and can pause on demand. I guess I usually fly crappy US airlines that don't normally offer this, so it seems like a treat.

3. Terminator Salvation - Not bad, though I found myself checking my watch several times during the course of the movie.

4. X-Men - Wolverine - Glad that the comic book story translated so well to the big screen. But, hard to believe that Van Wilder is a a bad-ass super soldier killing machine of death.

5. Angels and Demons - hilarious that a "Symbolgist" (does that line of work really even exist) talks like a hard ass and the choose your own adventure/encyclopedia brown storyline is treated with immense gravitas.

6. I think in 160-character tweets now.

7. Jerusalema - South African crimelord/gangster rise/fall movie. Great! Had not heard of it before, but really cool - the South African setting was a nice twist on the usual "hungry crimelord moves his way up, wins it all, then loses it" gangster movie story.

8. Safely landed. On the bus now to Marsha's neighborhood. There's a TV on the bus, and it's showing some program with monkeys dressed up in various professional outfits (policeman, fireman, student, soccer player, soldier) and they're either doing tricks or smacking their trainer around. This is possibly the greatest thing ever.

9. Dumplings from Marsha's mom. There's vermicelli, pork, and kim chi inside. Delicious.

info about Korea day 1

Korea seems pretty nice so far.

Haven't really done all that much though; we arrived at Marsha's house around 8 pm, and so we had a little food with everyone, then went for a walk around the area near their apartment. The little park near their house has been upgraded, so we had to see everything (and disturb the various young couples looking for some moments of seclusion/privacy).

Slept okay but were up (for good) at ~6:45 am.

Had some fish/kim chi/ soup for breakfast. Marsha's mom scheduled a facial for her, and then she's going to get her hair done. I will run around with Marsha's mom to take care of a few things.

There's mosquitos here! Totally forgtten.

Also, a little warmer and humid than Seattle weather led me to believe. Didn't bring many shorts...but I think we'll survive.