Thursday, May 03, 2007

spider-man 3 was good...

Went to a 21:00 showing of Spider-man in the theater yesterday (May 2).

We went to a a small theater that is in a bit of an unusual location to have a movie theater (ie, not a shopping mall), but we like it since the tickets there are only equivalent to 6 bucks.

Apparently Spider-Man 3 was not an anticipated film over here, or people weren't aware that it was opening in other theaters - there were only probably 15 people there, and our group was 8 people.

We created a bit of chaos by promptly ignoring the tickets we had "booked" and just sitting anywhere...luckily the people that came in to the theater later figured out that we weren't maliciously screwing them out of their reserved seat - they could choose anywhere to go as well.

Anyway, the movie itself was okay by me. Good action sequences and it wrapped up some of the loose ends in the reset of the story. A few cheesy parts, but nothing I could stay upset about.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Finally have uploaded pics from my camera's storage card onto my here are some of my favorites:

From over a week ago in Hong Kong:

Fire & Brimstone type amongst much of Hong Kong's Filipino working class who were gathered on their Sunday break.

I do not think I could stand to listen to this guy talk for very long, but I must at least give some respect in that it there is a certain talent to being able to talk non-stop on the subject of salvation for hours on end.

Unfortunately named store:

Chagoff? Kind of like jag-off...kind of like an act that usually has very little to do with footwear, unless you're really "into" footwear in that kind of way. And more power to you if you are.

Funny Chinglish T-shirt:

Truer words have never been written.