Saturday, February 24, 2007

pictures uploaded to Picasa

I finally got up from bed and have loaded the pictures online from last night's exercise in depravity. It was a good time; but now it's already 14:00 and I need to be productive...

The sun is so bright out today; hard to imagine that it was drizzly and rainy all day yesterday.

Being outside for a bit feels like a great idea.

late saturday night /sunday am

Was at my friend William's for a birthday celebration. Ended up just being a party at his place where I stayed from 9 pm to 4 am.

Came back home, and it's rainy. But it clears things; it feels fresh outside. I took a bunch of pictures; will probably upload them after sleep.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

props to RSS! (very geeky ramblings below)

One minor note of geeky goodness - I've finally figured out how to use RSS...(I know it's been commonly used for several years now, but I just never bothered with it).

Anyway, I've gotten Sage (an RSS aggregator extension all setup on Firefox now, and I already see how useful it is. Hopefully, it may help me use my web surfing time a little more effectively.

On another note, I recall people speculating that sooner or later, operating systems would sort of become irrelevant as web standard programs accessible across any browser would largely become dominant. I had been a little doubtful of that when I first read that; but recently, as I see my wife becoming addicted to Flickr, and myself as I switch to using blogspot, Picasa, gmail, facebook, myspace, etc, and I find that I am able to do the same things regardless of what computer or OS that I'm running Firefox on. Also, considering that all of this stuff is web-browser based, it means that participating in most online stuff really doesn't require a powerful computer.

(Gaming still does; if one actually has time for that sort of thing...).

Also, don't know if anyone out there regularly uses Opera (I like it, but I just can't seem to find a good reason to use it as my main browser in place of Firefox). But I noticed that the latest version (9.10) seems to support widgets. I haven't found anything super useful yet, but someone published a game called "Circular tetris", which managed to suck up 20 minutes of my time...

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New Video from a cool HK band, little fat pig

I'm not sure if this was a home-grown effort or if they had some outside assistance; but I think it's a half-decent video.

I've met the people in this band, and they are super nice and fun to hang out with.

So it is with all the love in my heart that I say - I'm not sure if I could listen to this song all day; but I could watch the video a few more times. So if you're reading this, you should give it a shot too.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rockin' the gym again

Back from gym. I like the fact that on vacation it's easy to go to the gym in the middle of the day. I guess in a perfect world, I'd be up at 7 and at the gym. This doesn't work so well for me, since:

1. I'm rarely up at 7, unless it's coming back from somewhere
2. The gym doesn't open until 10 am anyway...

Guess I'll make do with it as is.

missing Macau...last Flickr test thing, I swear

Macau was super fun! Hope that this thing works - I'm pretty psyched about how easy it is...

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testing flickr again via performancing...if this works right, then SWEET..

Hope that this will work right...if it all goes to plan, then this will somehow update exactly and automatically to both my blog and Flickr in the same go. We'll see.

This is a picture from Chinese new year (2007); year of the pig. I was going to upload this to my iWeb/.Mac site some time ago, but it just hasn't been co-operative.

Anyway, 恭喜发财!

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Testing out blogging via Flock

Had heard about Flock some time ago, but due to semi-buggy implementation as well as limitations/unsteady connections in China, it just didn't seem to do the trick. However, it seems to be working kind of solid now. Sweet. :)

wow...can't belive that I found this and it is working again...

However, it would appear to be so.

For a moment while updating to my other Blogger/Blogspot blog, I had thought that this one was lost in the ether. Happy that it was not.

Well, I anticipate some consolidation of all of these blogs, + my .Mac blog...we'll see how it all works out.

I also really, really hope that this stays accessible for a while. Running this setup would be even more hassle-free than setting up wordpress (I think); but it could be done.

Anyway, wo-hoo!!!

Marsha's out studying now, so it's just the cats and I; I'm rocking the laptop and a long ethernet cord and sitting on the couch. Good lazy day, and I've actually been writing quite a bit, it feels like...

I'm getting a kick out of seeing my old posts, too...brings me back to the days of my life in 2005...