Friday, February 23, 2007

props to RSS! (very geeky ramblings below)

One minor note of geeky goodness - I've finally figured out how to use RSS...(I know it's been commonly used for several years now, but I just never bothered with it).

Anyway, I've gotten Sage (an RSS aggregator extension all setup on Firefox now, and I already see how useful it is. Hopefully, it may help me use my web surfing time a little more effectively.

On another note, I recall people speculating that sooner or later, operating systems would sort of become irrelevant as web standard programs accessible across any browser would largely become dominant. I had been a little doubtful of that when I first read that; but recently, as I see my wife becoming addicted to Flickr, and myself as I switch to using blogspot, Picasa, gmail, facebook, myspace, etc, and I find that I am able to do the same things regardless of what computer or OS that I'm running Firefox on. Also, considering that all of this stuff is web-browser based, it means that participating in most online stuff really doesn't require a powerful computer.

(Gaming still does; if one actually has time for that sort of thing...).

Also, don't know if anyone out there regularly uses Opera (I like it, but I just can't seem to find a good reason to use it as my main browser in place of Firefox). But I noticed that the latest version (9.10) seems to support widgets. I haven't found anything super useful yet, but someone published a game called "Circular tetris", which managed to suck up 20 minutes of my time...

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