Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Road, and other news

Weekend went thusly:

Friday - lengthy happy hour, then food @ home; watched some TV.

Saturday - Beautiful, sunny day; went hiking with some friends to Big Si. Had some ambition for going out further, but we were pretty wiped out. Have been working through DVDs brought back from China. The Hangover and All About Steve were what we watched. I had seen the former in the theater; the latter was not as bad as I had heard, though I cannot say it was really a good movie. (I did appreciate the numerous jabs at how fake the media is, however).

Sunday - Lazy morning, hit the gym for a run. Ran errands; picking up the week’s food & wine @ Costco. Came home, planted something (hopefully hearty and hard to kill) in the pots long sitting empty on our porch. Then made Ukrainian-Style cabbage rolls...though likely none of my ancestors used lean turkey and half a bottle of Habanero Tabasco sauce when doing so.

Watched “The Road” - which was intense, but pretty good. I guess a lot of metaphors there for life, the fragility of existence; then need to keep keeping on no matter what adversity is in your way, the need to keep one’s humanity even when surrounded by

Then “The Rebound”; I’m not sure how old Catherine Zeta-Jones is, but she looks fantastic. Not really fitting the mould of a typical rom-com; slightly deeper characters. Not the best DVD experience; the DVD stopped working 50 minutes into the filme. Extra comedy in the subtitles; since this was not a perfect rip of an existing DVD, the English subtitles were translated from Chinese (rather than from the movie itself). It was funny suddenly seeing “I buxing le” (我不行了) and “refuel, refuel” (from the Chinese “Jia you - 加油).