Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Time for a post - reviews from this weekend

Haven't been in a blog-posting mood for a while, unfortunately.

However, I guess something feels different now and I again am in the mood to post some thoughts; certainly more extensive than what I've updated on twitter recently.

The 1st day back at work after the long weekend was mostly positive, nothing new of mention there.

The weekend, despite grand plans, did not amount to much; but was ultimately relaxing.

There was a lot of rain on Saturday & Sunday, which ultimately did not put us in the mood to go to Bumbershoot - 2 tickets at $50 each + parking to sit out in the cold rain?

We did, however make good use of netflix.

Some thoughts:

1. Aliens vs Predator: Requiem - In other terms, this is Aliens vs Predator, the second.

We've been on a kick of seeing everything in the Aliens series, and after seeing this, we're pretty much caught up. Man, the Aliens never get to be the good guys, do they?

I guess it's best summed up as a "b"-movie, and left at that.

(We liked the original "Alien" the best, with "Aliens" coming in second)

There's a scene involving a helicopter rescue that seemed just like a moment in the game Left 4 Dead...perhaps a designer at Valve borrowed liberally? (Or perhaps most rooftop helicopter rescue scenes look the same)

2. Say Anything - I had never seen this before. But then I did. Not bad. Seems to have held up well over time; and generally seems smarter than other coming of age love stories.

3. I'm Through with White Girls - Low-budget indie flick; perhaps it could be considered "post-racial". The protagonist is a black guy, but his issues are really more related to a fear of commitment rather than anything in specific about women (of any color). Done smartly and with some good humor.

4. The IT crowd (season 1) - UK comedy series about some socially inept IT workers in the basement of a large company in London. Goes for fairly standard office sitcom plot setups, but then veers into the wonderfully absurd. Apparently the next seasons are better; I'm looking forward to them

5. Mirror's Edge (PC game)) -tried this out and really enjoyed it; the graphics are spectacular and the gameplay basically involves you jumping from rooftop to rooftop in a futuristic city that reminds me a lot of Shanghai. The game is priced pretty competitively now, so worth a try if you were on the fence before; the demo is still free.

6. "The system of the world" (book by Neal Stephenson) - had been working on this tome for several months now, and had started the trilogy (or series, really) back when I still lived in China. Nearly 3000 pages later, I have finally finished it. I was satisfied by the ending (not always one of Stephenson's strengths). The epic scope of the book was well-done too.

Anyway, this will be a quick week, and then it's off to Madison, WI...and a week after that, headed to Seoul. So, should have a few more things to post about in the not too distant future.