Friday, October 28, 2005

it's been a week since my last post

Well, one thing's for certain - I seem to be only able to access and make posts to this blog from my computer at home; via most other ISP's in China this site is just blocked.


Anyway, this really confirms that this isn't really a viable blog location for me; I assume that most of the people reading it (if anyone) are stateside so they have no problems, but it's an issue for me in that I'm only able to post a small part of the time.

Will be working on this slowly.

It's my birthday today! Marsha and I will be visiting Hong Kong for a little while. May not exactly be a relaxing day, but it should be fun.

I look forward to getting at least one real western-style meal.

On a completely unrelated note, I found this article in Slashdot to be really interesting:

While the article referred to in the thread is a bit sensationalistic, it was fun to think about...what if Microsoft were to stop selling in South Korea? What a boost that would be to its competitors...(so I really hope they do it...but realistically speaking, they probably won't).

Monday, October 24, 2005

The stupid "Net Nanny" / Great Firewall of China always blocks good stuff...

The BBC, Time magazine's website, certain fetish sites...

And now, China Telecom won't co-operate with the Blogger...

However, with my other service provider (at home, rather than work)? - no problems.

But, if I suddenly stop posting - that's probably why...

(guess I'd just have to move this thing from off here and host it on my own website).

It's been a year with Eigi!

Today marks the day that we adopted Eigi one year ago!

Time has flown. But, we're very attached to this cat now (can't call him 'little' anymore), in spite of (and also because of) all his eccentricities.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we went out and got him a special bag of halibut + shrimp - flavored wet cat food. He seemed to enjoy it.

That's about all for now; it's time for me to go back to wrapping up my work - sometimes if I'm meeting with my co-workers a lot during the day, I can't get much email ready for the client until I have some time now, at 19:30...

I'm at home now, so doing this stuff is a little like doing homework. I thought I had moved past that!

Anyway, enough procrastination; back to the inbox I go..

Just giving this a try

Well, I never thought that I'd enter the "blogosphere", as I thought it was called, but here I am; doing as much now.

Seems that this may be an even easier way to post updates / journals and whatnot.

I plan to set up something so that this will be directly on my website, but in the meantime, this will do.

In the "how to blog" guides that I've come across on Google, they recommend that you have a theme to your blog.

I'm a bit undecided at the moment - guess I should keep something about living in China, something *maybe about doing business in China, and then maybe something about being a total noob in the world of open-source software.

At the moment, I'll just let it run together as a journal.

Peace -