Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Not really sure what it is that's bothering me - but I'm restless & can't sleep. It's past midnight - normally I would be well on my way to dreamland now, but something is different today.

Still adjusting to life in the US - for the purposes of sending out Christmas cards, I've been reconnecting with a lot of old friends, and I guess it's hitting home how much I miss them, and how different things are here.

It's tempting to want to run back to the old, comfortable, known way of doing things, but I guess it's not really an option now, both (plainly) financially and more importantly since I don't think I'd be growing if I went back - here is the new way of life, new challenges for me.

But yeah, I still miss China a lot.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

reflective, again - things I've done & things still to do

Reflective like a puddle on a rainy night? Not exactly. Have been going through the process of preparing a Christmas letter, and in recounting the events in my life of 2007 - namely, the major shift in moving from China back to the US, I can't help but reflect on how things are different.

Life in the US has already gotten routine, to a point - not that that's a bad routine, but China sure did seem to offer more in the way of adventure and unpredictability.

Alternately, perhaps in some irony, it seems that although the US is my native land and I speak English perfectly well, I'm less inclined to actively push for new experiences here - after coming back , in a lot of ways i feel like I've been staying in a "comfort food" / "comfort zone" type of rut.

One of my biggest excuses, however, is money, which holds some water in that I don't have a lot of it, especially after relocating & trying to re-establish savings. However, it's also a bit of a crutch - one can be creative and engage in new experiences without blowing a ton of cash.

Things that I should really do now that I live out here:
  • Go hiking in the mountains
  • Go skiing/snowboarding
  • Join a band
  • Learn Korean
  • Finish my book
  • Pursue more education (MBA or Product Management course?)
Things that (at least) I have done out here so far:
  • Visit Snoqualmie falls
  • Take a "Duck" tour of Seattle
  • Visit Vancouver, Canada
  • Greatly expand content of my book so far
  • learn more about the web - new blog content, new things to see...(the uncensored internet in the US, compared with China, is excellent)
  • Learn to cook better at home - more variety, more different recipies
  • Learned to prioritize my time better
    • minimizing tech experimentation for its own sake - while I love the idea of what Ubuntu and open-source software is about, I end up wasting a lot of time with present, I still need windows for the games I run (I don't have a console), my PDA, and itunes. This probably isn't going to change for a while. I'll probably also still be running XP for quite some time too.
    • seem to have gotten the obsessive need to check RSS feeds/updates constantly out of my system - using more time for my stuff.

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