Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Testing MacJournal out

Had been using ScribeFire on Firefox, but that fell out of favor to me; Firefox 3.5 was crazy slow on my vintage 2005 iBook.

Happy to report that Firefox 3.6 is much improved and is working better than Safari at present.

In unrelated news, picked up the MacHeist bundle. Not a bad deal; I guess maybe half as much software compared with years past, but also half the price.

Perhaps the software will inspire me to write more. Perhaps not. We’ll see.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

haikus inspired by today's meeting

Just did some quick calculations; I think that the ballpark cost in total salaries for the upper management team is ~575k. Not sure why our ~30 person company needs 3 people at this cost. I am acutely aware that I'm on the wrong end of things here. Whatever.

So, here are some (purposely?) terrible/melodramatic haikus created in an attempt to keep brain active.

Haiku #1:

Meeting boring me
Office crushes my spirit
Heavy drinking later

Haiku #2:

Lots of discussion
Nothing said of interest
Bash head on hard desk

Here's a diet-related Haiku, inspired by the ingredients of the Girl Scout Cookies served:

Glucose trans-fats corn syrup
lifetime big stomach