Friday, January 04, 2008

learning to make fart jokes in korean

The title of this post says it all.

I can say: "Silent, but deadly"


"Not silent, and deadly".

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

since I'm at it, here's two minor episodes of late

Both are geeky and have no relation to China (unless you want to get really, really obtuse and count things related tangentially):

1. Had to re-install XP on my home Desktop. It took me a week to finally pull the trigger and do it rather than try and pull the malware off via a convoluted series of steps that must be pulled off in precisely the right order (the repair instructions read more like those for casting a magic spell or making a potion in Harry Potter).

2. While running out to get some food last night, my cell phone dropped off of my belt, which sucked. I didn't notice it at the time and it was dark out - so when I finally noticed it was gone, it was really, really gone. A search of the house, retracing my steps, and visiting 7-11 and KFC again (where I had gone to get some food to go) was to no avail. Luckily, I had recently backed up the information on those devices earlier in the day. Still wasn't too happy about the prospect of needing to venture out and either get a new SIM card or a whole new phone the next day.

All's well that ends well - Luckily, we got a call this morning from someone on my wife's phone (which I had been using to call my phone constantly) - apparently someone had found the phone on the street in the morning and they gave it to a nearby business.

I had the service shut off last night anyway as a precaution, and it seemed like no calls had been made or personal data stolen, and the phone was working it was no problem to re-activate it and continue life as usual.

(*Okay, shallowly - I would have been fine with replacing my phone with something new and cool. But, that would have been a very bad idea financially; and I've only had this phone for a little over a year - it should be no problem getting another year out of it - at least until whenever the 3g iphone comes out...)

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1st post for 2008

So, here it is - another year, and I'm older and (perhaps) a bit wiser.

Still adjusting to life in the US and figuring out what the hell I'll be doing with my time in the future.

Had a large family gathering in Vancouver this year (it was nice to see everyone); it did prompt some reflection about where I am in my life & what I want to do.

Starting to feel old. Well, not really OLD old, but realizing that I'm really no longer in college anymore and am a part of the mainstream adult workforce now.

Maybe questioning if I really should be using my free time to be playing computer games? On one hand, I think they're okay as an alternate option to movies or TV watching or blindly surfing the internet just for the sake of surfing the internet.

On the other hand, if I'm cutting out doing things that will develop myself socially and personally to accomodate video games (being in a band, writing a book, spending quality time with my wife), then maybe I need to cut back.

Also, I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. Am taking things easy so as to try & reverse it...but instead it feels like I'm just delaying the inevitable.


I guess the usual goals of being fitter, happier, stronger, more learned, etc all are things that I'd like to do during the next year.

Now that the wife & I are back to life as usual (ie, no guests and no visits), we're eating more healthy and in smarter portions, and are trying to exercise.


Have been uploading stuff to both Picasawebs and Flickr. (Picasa's desktop software's integrated websharing is awesomely convenient since I use Picasa on the windows box I have); Flickr is nice since there isn't a cumulative limit on content you can upload.

Here's the link to the Picasa page:

Here's the link to the Flickr page:

Fun stuff:

We have a gas-powered fireplace in our apartment and it is really, really warm. I thought such fireplaces were more for decoration. Apparently not - it is keeping the house toasty-warm.

(I'm reconsidering the efficacy of leaving our computer so close to it ).


Finlandia cheese is not produced by the same company that makes Finlandia Vodka.

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