Thursday, February 22, 2007

wow...can't belive that I found this and it is working again...

However, it would appear to be so.

For a moment while updating to my other Blogger/Blogspot blog, I had thought that this one was lost in the ether. Happy that it was not.

Well, I anticipate some consolidation of all of these blogs, + my .Mac blog...we'll see how it all works out.

I also really, really hope that this stays accessible for a while. Running this setup would be even more hassle-free than setting up wordpress (I think); but it could be done.

Anyway, wo-hoo!!!

Marsha's out studying now, so it's just the cats and I; I'm rocking the laptop and a long ethernet cord and sitting on the couch. Good lazy day, and I've actually been writing quite a bit, it feels like...

I'm getting a kick out of seeing my old posts, too...brings me back to the days of my life in 2005...

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