Monday, November 07, 2005

Music thoughts & other reviews...

Have had the opportunity to listen to a bunch of stuff that's new to me (but most of it's been out for a little while already, I think):

First impressions:

1. Bloodhound Gang - Hefty Fine

Good for a laugh; seems like their recorded sound is much closer to what they do live.

2. Franz Ferdinand - you could have it better

(or whatever the title is)...

A follow-up that has a few real stand-out songs which are excellent. The rest? Well, doesn't do it for me. Their first album was more consistent all the way through, but the songs didn't quite have the high points like they do here.

3. Hard-Fi - Stars of CCTV

The big winner of this week's aquisitions; solid all the way through; kind of like an updated more disco-ey Clash sound.

4. Arcade Fire - Funeral

Some really brilliant stuff on this one, cool orchestrations, fantastic drumming, rocking out, cool male & female vocals; can't complain on this.

5. Kaiser Chiefs -

Solid too.

6. Louis XIV

Seems like they really really really wish they were the White Stripes, and remind me of the Strokes as well.

But, alright anyway; some of the perverted lyrics are pretty funny, and they work their songs around a lot of handclap-enhanced/catchy drum beats.

7. Stubby Little Fingers

Totally ahead of their time (late 70's??!?); they rock pretty hard and are also pretty positive (I felt uplifted listening through). I think MXPX and nearly all of the late 90's early & mid 00's bands owe them some kind of debt.

8. Rammstein - the new one

I've listened to this the least; but I was struck how quiet the first two songs were. But cool in its own way; I'll give this a bit more time later on

9. The prodigy - greatest hits or whatever it's called

I obtained the special edition of this, thinking it would be better; but I think the "bonus" disc might just be a bunch of crap.

Other stuff -

Battlestar Galactica - the newer version.

The DVD set I snagged of seasons 1 & 2 has been pretty good so far; I had been feeling guilty about considering this before...

(even marsha seemed to get into the pilot).

Books -

I'm still working on "Watership Down"; thought it would be worth re-reading - and it totally is.

The author worked in a lot of clever details and descriptions in it; I really admire his style, choice of subject matter, and how he makes it all work (and how he's created a world of rabbit culture and mythology).

Well, I should sleep's late.

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