Sunday, September 27, 2009

info about Korea day 1

Korea seems pretty nice so far.

Haven't really done all that much though; we arrived at Marsha's house around 8 pm, and so we had a little food with everyone, then went for a walk around the area near their apartment. The little park near their house has been upgraded, so we had to see everything (and disturb the various young couples looking for some moments of seclusion/privacy).

Slept okay but were up (for good) at ~6:45 am.

Had some fish/kim chi/ soup for breakfast. Marsha's mom scheduled a facial for her, and then she's going to get her hair done. I will run around with Marsha's mom to take care of a few things.

There's mosquitos here! Totally forgtten.

Also, a little warmer and humid than Seattle weather led me to believe. Didn't bring many shorts...but I think we'll survive.

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