Thursday, January 28, 2010

landed & keepin' it real - quickie reviews from plane - Why didn't this get posted earlier in the month????

Touched down in Shanghai ~ 4 hours ago.

My friend Jeff sent his driver over; I was picked up and we met for drinks. Also met Jeff's girlfriend, a very nice lady who happens to be from Australia.

Had some wine & beer. Now is going to come way too soon tomorrow.

Anyway, during the plane ride over to this hemisphere, I partook in some movies and other media.


1. District 9 - very solid sci-fi, and the South African setting is a refreshing change of pace.

2. Public Enemies -  pretty good cop/gangster movie. Seemed different than the trailers - thought that there would be more romance and more that establishes Dillinger as a badass. Instead, most of the movie is just about the endgame for how Dillinger is caught; and you're rooting for him all the way. But although the movie was flawed, it was one of those movies that still leaves an impression on you; the setting was very well done and the world was presented very well (although it seems like the exterior scenes were very, very controlled...probably in order to maintain the premise of the time period).

3. Extract - Mike Judge office commentary on suburban America? Count me in. While none of the characters are particularily likeable to start with, somehow the movie keeps you interested and laughing. Probably will get better with another viewing or two.

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