Thursday, January 28, 2010

follow-up thought on the iPad

So, was just thinking if the iPad would really replace my living-room / couch laptop...and I'm having more doubts than before.

The lack of Flash support is actually more problematic than it seemed at first glance.

I mean, I don't always use Flash while I'm online - I usually get really annoyed by flash-enabled websites that are relics of 2001.

However, I do appreciate the various video clips, cartoons, games, and extra interactive function that Flash allows. The iPad won't support that. It will have a Youtube workaround...but youtube is not the sole source of decent online video content.

Although perhaps not as trendy looking, ANY laptop would have more functionality.

So we'll wait and see on this one. Certainly no rush from me at this point.

But Apple did get my attention.

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