Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Never have I been more proud to share my homestate with Jessie Ventura as I was last night.

He was on Larry King live.

The article linked above does not do justice to the awesomeness of his interview there.

Highlights, paraphrased by me:

- Drilling in Alaska? Follow the money - clearly this is just gouging by the oil companies & a little extra drilling isn't going to affect our prices at the pump.

- Endorse a candidate? - He's not sure if he's even going to vote as both of them are pretty much pushing the same lines; neither is offering anything along the lines of being truly fiscally conservative.

- Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan - "Apparently the president talks to God. I've been a pretty good man for the past 7 years, and God hasn't told me anything about starting wars in other countries..."

Larry King looked uncomfortable, but I was so happy that Jessie Ventura kept it real (as he tends to do) rather than reading off some carefully scripted PR-bullshit.

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