Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flight of the conchords - fantastic!

Well, although their show is sort of old news - having aired in 2007 (?), I'm just getting into the show & the music, and I think it's fantastic.

One of the better things that I've heard in a while.

At first glance, one might think that they are a New Zealand version of Tenacious D.

While they are a comedy music duo, their style & humor is different; perhaps a bit more dry. Tenacious D's music was more of a metal band with accoustic guitars, the Conchords do many more musical styles (pretty much everything except metal).

Also, the D haven't been up to that much lately...

This video is pretty solid anyway:

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erinmarie said...

ha! and i liked the video embed mumbo jumbo....that was especially nice. I tease, I tease... i'm sure i've watched it a few times now anyways.

Have you watched "it's always sunny in philadelphia"? It's a pretty entertaining comedy with ridiculous plots that just get ya rolling and saying "they didn't just say/do that. If you're bored.. hulu's got it.


Benno said...

Oh you and I both Dan! I love tyhe Conchords, and bought the CD the day it came out...I think my favorite episode was either "Jenny" AKA the best looking girl in the room, or "Mugged", featuring the hiphoppapotamus vs the rhymenocerous. Classic!