Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still on the Gaming kick

So yeah, although I could well be talking about anything, I've been recently compelled to write about gaming a lot - I guess that I've often had gaming on my mind for when I have free time to myself.

(This unfortunately, is at the expense of making/playing music - hopefully this is just a temporary setback - but my apartment isn't really conducive to much guitar play & I don't have a band yet)

Anyway - Since we're going semi-chronologically here:

Rise of Nations

- This is an older (2003) game, but I never found a stable copy in China. So, I bought one here last October. It's still a really well-made, fun game; one of my favorite RTS games, period. Not really fun to play at a distance - good on a laptop.

- Although more stable than the sketchy Chinese versions; it still crashes on me fairly frequently, sometimes even when trying to resume a saved game.

Still, the combination of growing your empire, advancing civilization, and attacking invaders/ conquesting more land is a super fun combination.

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