Monday, March 05, 2007

waiting and waiting

Marsha's in the middle of what is supposed to be her green card interview. Not that much for me to do here, but I'm here for support should she need it. Lucky thing that there is wi-fi available at a coffee shop not so far away.

Watching the visa process from this perspective is annoying. I'm not impressed with the treatment of people as they wait for their visas at the US embassies/consulates - never strikes me as friendly. On the other hand, there's always a lot of people waiting around to try and get in, and apparently quite a bit of scheming and scamming to pull off a visa issuance. So maybe the foreign service is actually being quite fair. If you wait in line, you eventually get your turn. But the process is a little degrading and feels like a lot of wasted time. Then again, the benefits of having a visa are usually more than worth the effort. Hard call.

Then again, I know that the Chinese government tends to go tit for tat with the US for its treatment of applicants; ie - if the US raises its fees, China raises its fees. So it's a little frustrating when you feel slighted by the security guards at your own embassy...and you know that you'll probably be experiencing it again from the Chinese side later.

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daninbusiness said...

BTW - Marsha's visa was approved! :)

Apparently the interview took only around 2 minutes; but the whole process of lining up outside the embassy and getting up to the interview was around 4 hours.