Monday, March 05, 2007

music notes

Listening (amongst the other stuff on random mode):

"New Magnetic Wonder" - by the Apples in Stereo. Pretty cool stuff. I like their psychadelic-poppy sound.

"Tenacious D the Pick of Destiny (soundtrack)" - by Tenacious D. Awesome. Accoustic goofy songs, and then some hard-rockin' tunes with Dio, Meatloaf, and David Grohl making guest appearances.

Some great rock-opera/musical-style stuff; and I love it (especially after having done musical theater in high school)'s just really cool hearing rock-opera (actually not unlike Jesus Christ Superstar) but done in a funny way. Lyrics like, "Check this riff it's fucking tasty" help a lot too.

Rock rock rock.

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