Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feeling way better

Got home early yesterday, took it easy. Ended up doing a bunch of updates to my Ubuntu install, including breaking the graphics drivers, then fixing them again. Since my friend Ron was kind enough to count on me to set up a new computer rig for his new movie, I felt a need to live up to his expectations and practice a bit at home.

After an unexpected (but always welcome) visit from my friend Jonid and his wife, I ended up coming home kind of late.

Woke up at 6 am from the sound of my cat Blackie going insane; she appeared to be having a seizure (she seems to have them around once every 6 months). This didn't help me getting any rest; I finally fell back asleep and kept having weird dreams where I was checking my watch and it was always unbelievably late, then really waking up and only an hour had passed. But then, sure enough, I did end up sleeping in, quite late...was finally roused by a call from one of my co-workers telling me to get online and chat via skype with a client.

The rest was good - I feel much better, have energy at work, and am actually getting a lot done today. Yay for sleep!

(perhaps I'm also in a good mood since my staff was all present in the office today, and we could actually get answers and work on things effectively, rather than the comparatively stale "vacation" environment that we were experiencing earlier)

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