Monday, February 01, 2010

Another 'fuck you' from me to Delta airlines

Wife had to go to Korea - we found two options:

1. Delta - $798 for the ticket, which was a code share with Korean Airlines, so effectively the food, service, everything would be Korean Airlines
2. Korean Airlines - $998 for the same ticket.

We went with the $798 option.

When wife got to the airport, she visited Delta first and waited in line, only for them to tell her that she needed to check in at the Korean Airlines counter.

We planned an open-ish itinerary as we didn't know how long she'd need to stay. As it turns out, she can go home sooner than later. So she tries to change her ticket. First she calls Korean air. They redirect her to Delta. Delta tells her that she can switch for a $250 fee.

Compare this with my Korean Airlines experience.

I book the equivalent Korean Airlines ticket directly with Korean Airlines. My itinerary changes. I need to push out my departure date. Korean Airlines does this for free (though they mention if I need to change it again, it will be $100).

In comparing my wife's experience with my own, I note that:

1. Delta airlines has created no value
2. They simply collect a fee to do something that Korean Airlines did for free.

I see no point in giving Delta another penny.

In the grand scheme of things, the difference is only ~$52. But the experience with Delta was painful every step of the way and has left a horrible taste in my mouth. There's a lot of better options out there, so why the hell should I continue to suffer out of some previously mis-guided sense of allegiance to this greedy-ass crusty corporate rapist behemoth?

(BTW, again, I am not sure how they sold the NWA Delta merger to government regulators as a beneficial entity; they certainly have done nothing to benefit me, my friends or family)

Additionally, I'm sure that this code-sharing thing is a scam. On my last flight, which was with Korean airlines, that is apparently a member of the "Skyteam Alliance", it turns out that Delta chose not to recognize my miles, although they were with a partner flight, since apparently they were "discounted".

Never mind that what I paid was over $900 - which, if you were paying attention, is more an the equivalent code-sharing flight through Delta (code-sharing/piggybacking on Korean Airlines).

Fucking douchebags.

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