Sunday, May 10, 2009

geeky note - star trek & other things

Haven't posted about something fairly geeky for a while, so here goes:

1. Star Trek (the new movie) - saw it, liked it. Pretty well done, respectful to the original yet making it fun & approachable for people new to the series. No big complaints about it at all...good start for a summer movie season (and it seems like there's a few more movies worth seeing later on...Terminator & "Year One" are looking potentially quite sweet).

I like the fact that in the film, Iowa is a center of interstellar ship construction. Why not?

2. What is up with people applauding in a movie theater when they see scenes that they like? (Get off my lawn, you damn kids!)

I just don't get this.

Not to say I begrudge these other people the right to enjoy their film - just wondering what effect applause is intended to have when in a theater at a 3:30 matinee showing and no bigwigs or actors are there and only a smattering of die-hard fans are in attendance.

It's not the Rocky Horror picture show; it's not an interactive experience. It's not like when there's a comedy & something funny happens and people laugh.

It's like they have to let people know they are happy someone famous is on screen? It escapes me.

I'm glad that they're happy Leonard Nimoy makes an appearance, but if their applause is drowning out dialogue...lame - their behavior is encroaching on my enjoyment of the movie.

So yeah, again - get off my lawn, you damn kids*!

(*ignoring the fact that many of the fanboys attending ranged in age from 18 - Fiftysomething)

3. Wii games

Just saying, it's somehow much more fun playing a video soccer game when your whole team is made up of big-head versions of your friends and random characters/celebrities.


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