Monday, February 16, 2009

sick of twitter already

So, I guess for some people twitter is a way of life?

I like the ability to keep up with friends  & learn a little more about them than I'd know otherwise.

On the other hand, I have now met some people who really, really seem to love twitter and use it constantly, and I am not getting the value of it from them.

I do not want what is effectively another RSS reader, feeding me more news than I can handle.

It's almost as if Twitter = the hive mind.

You can achieve an almost constant sense of awareness, at the price that you become so involved in that reality that you cannot really do anything else....if you're constantly writing tweets and are also scouring the net for new stories to post to your twitter feed & digg & other news aggregators, then what the hell kind of life is that?

Well, maybe it works for some people. But it's not my thing. Will try and stick to minor twitters...

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daninbusiness said...

I have learned thusly - I don't like to follow people that are tweeting constantly and seem to be having a one-way conversation; especially when it seems they only care about having a ridiculous amount of followers.

As such, I stopped following people that annoyed me and I feel much better about twitter now. And I try and keep myself to doing just a few tweets per day.