Friday, January 02, 2009

back to life as usual

Mixed feelings as the holiday vacation-ish run draws to a close.

On one hand, no more long public holidays for me until Memorial day. I do not think that my current employer chooses to recognize president's day. That's kind of a long stretch.

On the other hand, return to a "normal" routine will be welcome. It's been hard to get really into the flow of work and also the flow of vacation when the schedule keeps flip-flopping from free day to work day as it has been doing the past week or so.

Time off is a good opportunity to reflect on how I'm living and how I'd like to do things differently in the future in order to improve things.

For some reason, patience has been wearing thin. I guess that if something super exciting is to happen in my life, it's up to me to make that happen...have been waiting long enough for something to spontaneously come up; I guess that's kind of played out.

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erinmarie said...

oh ye of little faith... lol. j/k.. give up, give in.. life still might surprise you, but maybe you might just have to show life you are going to give a touch of effort yourself. Never worked for me though! hahahaha.... trying too hard only ever turned me in the other direction, but that's me. :-)

p.s. it's too early for me to make sense. nothing wrong with a bit of nonsense in the a.m. though i guess.. :-P