Wednesday, December 24, 2008

going to church for christmas

I suppose it might look bad if I'm playing with a Nintendo DS throughout the proceedings?

(I think I already know the answer here, but I'm hoping someone can come up with an amazing rationalization that somehow has escaped me...I've been trying though...)


erinmarie said...

hahahahahahahaha.... hahahaha... hahaha. ha!


p.s. find a theology student, discuss. oh wait, i think mike dausch may be able to help you out in that department. hmm. yeah. rationalize away heathen.

p.p.s. hey wait!? aren't you a liberal discordian? I think that says enough, right...there. ;-,

Merry f*in christmas eve. :-)

daninbusiness said...

I did end up bringing the DS but did not bust it out at any point.

Turns out that time & development placed a Best Buy next door to our church; so we ran over there during the waiting time after arriving & before the service to get a snack for the wife (who is always hungry).

I did play a few rounds of solitaire on my ipod whilst waiting for things to start, however...more discrete.