Monday, August 04, 2008

on being broken?

Does one have to be broken to fit into society?

I mean, at what point does conformity to socially acceptable norms break down to smothering one's inner self?

At what point is it worth it to have stability vs the excitement (and huge risks) of a constantly shifting existence?

No good answers here...but it does seem to support the notion that one should take risks while you are young, as when you get older the stakes get higher and the chances of full recovery lessen.


erinmarie said...

woah! thanks for smacking me with some life philosophy on my tuesday morning. haha. nice

I grew up in the woods of the middle of no where. This is a subject that has always annoyed, pestered, and gnawed at my existence. I suck at not being awkward. But then, I don't hate that.

daninbusiness said...

Not sure what was on my mind that day when I posted that. :)

I stand by it anyway, but am no closer to an answer now that I'm feeling a little better / more pacified from chatting with my friends.