Monday, April 21, 2008

yay for scrivener!

Have been playing quite a bit with this piece of software, and I'm impressed so far. Lightweight, easy to use, but also very convenient & powerful.

As such, I'm making more structured progress on the book project than I have been in a while...which is making me feel good, like I'm accomplishing something.

Still running the demo version though, and I'm still a little torn on actually paying the (reasonable) $39.95 for it.

1. I don't want to get locked into any specific OS platform - I love my mac laptop, but actually have some doubts if my next laptop should be a mac or maybe something else...part of me really wants to go all the way Ubuntu - but I keep clinging to other platforms due to things that have locked me in: phone/calendar/contact sync, iTunes, games I've purchased...

2. As much as OS X is good to use, there's actually very little of the OS X exclusive stuff that I use daily and couldn't live without.

3. That being said, I'm getting used to things working smoothly and without much user intervention on this computer (laptop), and a switch to anything else would probably leave me tinkering more often than actually doing. And while tinkering can be fun, the whole point of computers is to allow the user to do useful things, not just play with them for the sake of playing....

(so, if I'm actually getting more done with this software, yeah, I guess it makes sense to get it...)

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