Sunday, March 30, 2008

okay weekend

Went to a bacon-themed potluck/party on saturday. Not bad - especially if you like bacon....

Sunday has been okay.

Slept in; then played some games (Half-life 2: episode one and super smash brothers), played with our cats, then installed an iphone-interface hack on my phone, then went to the gym, then did some shopping, then came home & had dinner, played with our cats, watched the L-word and then south park. Then finished our box of Franzia Sangria, and I played Team Fortress 2.

I guess not productive at all, but I feel pretty relaxed now and should be in a good frame of mind for real work tomorrow.


erinmarie said...

so my bro, 'master chef' comes over for easter dinner...before he leaves that night he's like "do you want to try the bacon icecream I made?" and I was like "BACON!?, ICECREAM!?, in union!!??", but the curiosity had me before I even opened my mouth. It was sweet, creamy, and carmelized brown sugar bacon-y, but delish.
Did your party have bacon icecream? ;-,

daninbusiness said...

No bacon ice cream - but we had deep-fried hot dogs wrapped in bacon...that counts for something, right?

erinmarie said...

oh yeah... definitely. ;-)