Thursday, October 11, 2007

thoughts on the office

Lately, have been catching up on the US version of "The Office".

I had been familiar with the BBC version and had heard mixed reviews of the US show by fans of the BBC show.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed the US version quite a bit, and since the plot and characters do not exactly mimic that of the BBC version, it was a new experience.

Both series have their strong points.


- More about the dreariness/monotony of day to day office life
- More about an insensitive boss who thinks he's an awesome and funny leader
- The series makes its point and then ends


- Maybe a little more about the way that working with the same people in a monotonous situation can warp you - the supporting office characters seem to have a stronger role here; it's definitely more of an ensemble piece

- The series is still (?) going. I guess I've only seen the 2nd season thus far; I'm not sure how much they can drag out the love stories and other plot elements without straining my belief.

May have to make a Best Buy run to get season 3, as I'm pretty hooked.

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