Monday, August 27, 2007

props to radio

Due to accidentally leaving my ipod shuffle in my pants pocket and having it washed, I've had a lot of time to appreciate the radio situation in Seattle.

Much better than I can compare with the FM radio scene in Minnesota, as I can recall. Without question, it is much superior (in my opinion) to the radio in China, from the little I heard of it via riding in taxi cabs.

I haven't found the University of Washington equivalent to the U of M's 770 Radio K, however - which I found to be excellent and a great introduction to a LOT of cool indie bands before the mainstream caught onto them.

Anyway, in Seattle, lots of cool stations; we can actually use 20+ of the available radio memory slots on our stero in home, and I think a lot of those are actually worth listening to repeatedly!

So, the fear of being stuck in traffic with just the radio as a friend isn't really there anymore.

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