Thursday, August 09, 2007

getting settled

Well, it's been 9 days since relocating to Seattle from Shenzhen, and here's the status report:
  • Have found a car that seems both reliable and fun to drive
  • Have found an apartment and will be moving in tomorrow
  • Have been searching the internet for low-cost furnishings; seems like we are doing okay with that.
  • Have contacted my new employer
  • Have been to Starbucks - only once
  • Have been to a Seattle's Best - only once
  • Have been downtown - only once
  • Have woken up at 3 am and not fallen asleep again - just once
  • Gone out for burgers - 2 times
  • Gone out for Thai food - once
  • Gone to Ikea - once
  • Gone to the Asian supermarket - once
  • smarmy car sales men dealt with: 2
Will keep you up to date with more stories & less statistics as time.

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