Tuesday, April 03, 2007

my new favorite

...is now that MP3 phones with fairly loud external speakers are becoming common, people are using them, to my great "annoyment".

(It's late, and spell-check doesn't like "annoyment". Am I making it up? Google indicates otherwise. I feel like making up the word "annoyment" is the better way to go and then justifying it here is better than changing the sentence and structure to something grammatically correct.)

One day on the train, this young lady sat down next to me, clearly begging for attention, and then proceeded to blast the euro-techno-dance crap hits of 5 years ago very loudly. I'm not sure if she thought she was cool, if she forgot her headphones, or what. It was very NOT cool, but I didn't even want to turn my head to acknowledge her since she seemed so desperate for attention.

Tonight, on the elevator, there was a man in his 20's with scars on his face, stoically leaning against the wall like a bad-ass, except that he was listening to some male teen pop star singing a candy pop ballad, which killed a lot of the cool points I had been willing to award him.

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