Saturday, March 17, 2007

weekend thus far

Woke up this morning on my couch wondering why I wasn't in bed; followed with a tinge of panic - where were my wallet, passport, and cell phone?

(In this case, they were on the table near the door).

The night before had started off okay; getting out of work a little late segued into dinner then a visit to a friend's place where some Johnny Walker was copiously shared. A bar was visited after that, but I managed to realize that I was in no condition for further intake, and I apparently left, went home, hit a 24-hour store for water and instant noodles, then crashed on the couch to eat noodles, watch a movie, and rehydrate.

When I first came to, I saw a full cup of water across from me on the table, and an empty noodle cup in the garbage. The headache hit me a little later as I got up to move (and get into bed for some additional rest)...extra sleep helped a bit, but at 13:00, when I rolled out of bed, I was still quite aware that it had been a long night.

The day passed between sipping coffee and watching "Transformers: The Movie" special edition set that I had picked up weeks ago for 15 RMB. With Marsha out of the house for a moment, I had a chance to indulge myself in re-living childhood memories. The film was fine, though perhaps it was better in my memory (having seen it countless times after it had aired on TV and my little brother taped it and we watched it later often while sharing a frozen pizza), I still found something new to appreciate - some of the villains' voice work was really pretty good.

I really liked the parts in the DVD that featured the directors and producers talking about how they had made this movie, especially in how it related to the original Japanese toy commericals and cartoons that eventually got connected together by some people in the US.

(Any similar opportunities in China? Not off the top of my head, but I'm still keeping my mind open)

Also enjoyed Broken Lizard's "Beerfest". While I hoped that I'd have a lot more instances of laughing out loud, I did really appreciate that 85% of the story was not predictable.

A friend then called me up; he had an excellent proposal for a party bus that would take us and 15 of our other closest friends to various bars locales in town for some St. Paddy's day madness. Despite some other offers on the table, this seemed like the clear winner.

Things didn't quite go as planned...delayed start, then discovering that we were actually taking minvans with some disgruntled drivers rather than a bus...dealing with the fun of trying to get 15 people in the same vehicle...then dealing with the fact that we'd have arrived faster (and more cheaply) if we just had arranged a meeting point and taxeis for all.

After talking and chatting with a few people (some friends both old and new), I made a move for the door. No regrets.

Tired but no desire to be hung over tomorrow.

(For that matter, who wakes up in bed and thinks, "Hey, I could be praying to the porcilean god tomoorw?!?")

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Roger said...

happy st. pat's day!